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King Floyd's Bitters Orange

King Floyd's Bitters Orange

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KING FLOYD'S® Orange Bitters approached this classic flavor profile a bit differently than the typical Orange Bitters.  Among some other secret ingredients we use Citrus x aurantium, a special orange known for the bitterness of its peel. Typically used in culinary applications, this ingredient adds a very distinguished flavor to your cocktails.

Tasting Notes: Zesty and mildly sweet with hints of gingerbread.

Shanghi Martini:
Shake ice with 1.5oz Gin, splash of dry vermouth.
Add a couple dashes of King Floyd’s Orange Bitters.
Strain into a chilled cocktail glass, garnish with a twist of Orange.

Ingredients: Mountain Spring Water, Alcohol, Organic Bitter Orange Peel Extract and other secret herbs & spices.