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Snowy River Cocktail Glitter Party It Up Cocktail Confetti

Snowy River Cocktail Glitter Party It Up Cocktail Confetti

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Snowy River cocktail confetti adds a whole new level of glitz and glam to your cocktails, kids drinks, cakes, cupcakes and even ice cream. Naturally colored with all natural fruit and veg and made right here in the US, our cocktail confetti is designed to decorate the rim of cocktail glasses, be sprinkled on the top of foam based drinks, or used as a eye catchy decorative for the base of the glass. Importantly, Snowy River cocktail confetti tastes great, has no synthetics or preservatives, is Kosher certified, and looks amazing on a wide range of applications from cocktail decorating to cakes, cupcakes, party snacks, and dessert decoration.


To rim a glass with cocktail confetti, roll the edge of the glass in a simple syrup solution (we recommend a minimum of 2 parts sugar to 1 part water mix for a stronger bond) or egg white, and then roll the wet edge in the confetti. You can do full or half rim or come up with your own glass designs. The important aspect is to ensure your binding agent (the simple syrup) is strong enough to hold the confetti - never use water to rim a glass.

Want even more sparkle? Stir Snowy River award-winning cocktail glitter into the cocktail or drink and watch the magic happen.

Please store your cocktail confetti in its original packaging away from heat or direct sunlight.