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The Favoritendog Bandana

The Favoritendog Bandana

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I mean, we all know who the star of this show really is anyway. This durable cotton dog bandana by Brass Monkey is the perfect way for your dog to express themselves…in a way other than peeing on your rug.
Bonus: it's designed to be one size fits all (unless they’re literally a horse), making it the perfect gift for any dog (or owner).
• Features vintage-inspired flocking. You know, that fuzzy stuff on 70s t-shirts.

• Says 'The Favorite' on the front. You probably already noticed that, though.

• Durable, double-sided cotton construction.

• Packaged on a peggable header card (for easy hanging).

• Bandana measures 9” wide by 6” tall, with a 30” tie-ribbon to fit almost any size of dog (within reason)