Dirty Santa Game
Dirty Santa Game

Dirty Santa Game

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Why does the South call it Dirty Santa?

Ewww! NO! Get your mind out of the gutter! It’s called Dirty Santa because of all the stealing!

You see, while folks in the south might seem like laid back, front porch sittin’, sweet tea drinkin’ precious little sweethearts, they do get riled up about a few things. Holiday gift exchanges is one of them. If you have never witnessed your grandpa pry a spa kit out of your cousin Kelly’s arms only to watch her end up with a leopard skinned steering wheel cover, then you are not having as much fun as we are. Please proceed to White Elephant.

Unlike other games where the gifts are funny or useless, Dirty Santa is a mix of gifts that are pretty awesome, and pretty not awesome. The awesome gifts get stolen faster than cheese pizza at the McAllister house, and the not awesome gifts collect dust along with the hopes and dreams of those who opened them. If you think this sounds stressful, move along. If you’re like us and your family’s love language is competition, add this to your cart NOW.