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S.a.l.t. sisters - Dragon’s Breath Rub & Seasoning

S.a.l.t. sisters - Dragon’s Breath Rub & Seasoning

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If you love spicy, this one's for you.  Full of delicious heat with a lingering smokiness that adds depth and dimension to any dish.  A go-to seasoning that will elevate simple food to an exciting new level.  This one is sure to become a favorite!

Uses:  Sprinkle on steak strips for juicy fajitas, stir into salsa, or mix with mayo for a hot sandwich spread.  For those who love spicy and sweet, add to a rich chocolate dessert like cake or brownies for a surprising and delicious kick.

Ingredients:  Unrefined sea salt, Applewood smoked peppercorns, cayenne, paprika, dill, basil