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White Elephant Game

White Elephant Game

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Christmas is our favorite! We know it's yours too. That's why we took one of your favorite traditions to the next level with our Christmas gift exchange party kits!


The first is classic play. This is how you have always played at your family or office party. Everyone gets a turn to pick a gift or steal a gift and then the next person goes. It’s classic for a reason… it’s fun and hilarious!

But with our second way to play, we amp it up with our “Game Changer” cards. The cards do just that… change the game! Every player is given a card in addition to their number. That card may tell them they have to proceed as a normal player, but some cards come with special powers giving them the ability to instantly freeze or unfreeze a gift and other exciting moves.

The third way to play is for our friends trying to play with an extra big crew or maybe with a group of people who don’t know each other well enough to look someone in the eye and coldly pry a warm fleece blanket out of their hands. Don’t worry… you’ll get there.



  • 35 numbered tokens shaped like ornaments. We know… we’re adorable.
  • 100 stolen stickers. Those should last you a few years unless you are a truly sadistic group, but don’t worry… you’ll be able to order refills.
  • Santa’s bag (probably smaller than you thought it would be but it’s magic, so in this case size truly doesn’t matter.
  • Official rules. This feature cannot be overstated. How we have managed decades of game play without them is a true testament to our society and our commitment to good old fashioned Christmas throw-downs. However, we feel that by providing these rules we are playing an important role in bringing about peace on earth and good will to men. (If you would like to nominate us for a Nobel Peace Prize, please tell and we will send you a link. We are so humbled you brought this up.)
  • And also there’s just a lot of other fun stuff that makes it better. You’ll see when you get it.


PERFECT GIFT: Yes, it is. It's so perfect that you should buy one to play with and one to give as your gift. Biased? Us? Psh... easy on the eggnog. We're just Christmas truth tellers.

SURE FIRE FUN: This gift WILL make you smile. If it doesn’t, we will send you a cat video. If that doesn’t work, you are probably dead inside. No one can help you.

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